With Chapter 4 complete, it’s time to roll out Book #3!  This cover was a collaboration between me and the artist known only as Jorzac.  He generously provided pencils and then those are my sloppy inks slapped on top.  Colors byMADConk.  Thanks, Jorzac! 

Collection #3 of course contains the entirety of Chapter 4, along with a brand new, never-before-seen story. “Cellmates” tells the tale of what happened in Budapest in 1968 that caused Captain Spectacular to give Dr. Rocket quite the beating.  Expect mystery, a new villain, cops on flying motorcyles, the noirish narrative stylings of Captain Spectacular, a team of kid heroes and one angry Spy Gal!

All ELEVEN PAGES of this story will be rendered in full splendor by the mighty hand of Chip Skelton (Broken and Terran Sandz), the newest member of Tall Tale Features!

Honestly, get this book for Chip’s story.  I’m writing it, so you have to suffer through that, but Chips pages–wow!  That’s where it’s at.