Hey, anyone else on Twitter?  I’ve been on it for about a month now and I think I’ve moved past the addictive stage and into the comfortable I’ll-post-when-I-really-have-something stage. It’s fun.

See my Twitter page here.  Right now I’m slowly working my way through adding commentary to the strips in Chapter 5.  Every time I complete one, I post a link directly to it.  I’ll be sure and let everyone know once I’ve finished the chapter.  Of course, there’s always the commentaries for the first 4 chapters which are already completed and can be read easily by thumbing through the archives.

Kind of Friggin’ Brilliant

I stumbled on this last week and just had to share.  It’s kind of ridiculous, but a bit mesmerizing.  The dude that put this together doesn’t take credit for the music, but it’s still pretty effective.