For those of you keeping score at home… we haven’t seen Cap and Jerry in the same space together in a very, very long time. And certainly not since the truth about Jerry was finally revealed to Cap. Of course, since that moment Cap as gotten a major info dump from Money Man, who told Cap and all the Fogeys all about the way Jerry’s life has been shaped and manipulated by outside forces.

The big question for me (and maybe for some of you) has been this: how would Cap react to such knowledge? I think you could safely argue that the Cap we met at the very beginning of the SuperFogeys story might have reacted one way, but that’s not the Cap we have anymore. This is a much different, changed man who has been through some stuff. What he says to Jerry in this last panel of today’s strip is not at all what I expected, but in writing this scene it was absolutely what felt right. Maybe it’s a surprise to you, maybe it’s not. It certainly was for me.

We’re gonna stick with this conversation a little bit over the next few strips. You know how Cap feels about Jerry, but what he actually feels the need to say to him and what they say to each other is what I think will the most interesting. But you’ll see all that soon enough.


Most cities in the U.S. are doing early screenings of The Gallows at 7pm tomorrow night. Official opening day is Friday! This is a movie I came on board for late in the game, but I’ve got some sweat in it and I’ve seen it and loved it and I think you should see it, too. Fandango is your friend!

See you on Friday!