This is a day long in coming. The Thrice Evil (Abaddon edition) has been part of the cast since Chapter 2, spending most of his time under Jerry’s control in little more than a vegetative state. He’s come out of it only twice before, once in Chapter 9 and then again in Chapter 22. And now here. And if you’re thinking it may be a little more permanent this time around, you just might be right about that.


Looking for a binge read during your isolation? This week, I wrap up the blog series I’ve been posting since November all about my own personal coming of age between my father’s two shootings. Believe it or not, I’m told that it’s funny. Mostly. Not all the time.

If you’re like a taste, here’s a standalone chapter about the time I defeated four bullies in high school with a can of aerosol deodorant.

If you’d rather just start at the beginning, head on over here.


See you on Monday with 841 – Better Than Strained Peas!