Guest strip week continues!

Lucas Turnbloom is a fellow Tall Tale Features member and premiere editorial cartoonist. His work has been seen in USA Today,, and a bunch of other places that wouldn’t touch my work with a 10-foot pole.

Lucas’s first love is strip work and to that end he has created the excellent daily webcomic, “Imagine This!” I did a guest strip for him (which doubles as the upcoming SF 150) a little while back so you know I’m not blowing smoke when I say it’s excellent.

I mean, just look at his take on SF! This is brilliant stuff here and encapsulates the characters perfectly!


Yesterday I wrapped up lettering on “Cellmates,” the 11-page backup story for the next SF print collection that I’m doing in collaboration with Chip Skelton (which is why I wasn’t around to respond to comments on Rufus’s strip yesterday–off to do it now!). Holy crud! This thing has turned out better than I could have possibly imagined! All that’s left now is for it to be colored and the book will be done!

I’ll probably be doing at least a 3-page preview of the story once the colors are in place so that you all can at least see some of the brilliance Chip spilled onto the page.

For now, you can still get your pre-orders of the book in at the Th3rd World Store.