This strip originally without the “Clap! Clap!” at the end.  It wasn’t until the day after I posted it  that Th3rd World Publisher Mike DeVito suggested it and I redrew the last panel immediately.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Captain’s hair is a character all its own.

People were mostly confused by the Third Man’s behavior in this strip, particularly the 5th panel. Hey, he’s a human being too…isn’t he?


Last night I was looking at today’s strip and I realized, hey, there’s a pretty good joke I could’ve thrown in there. Then I went to bed and COMPLETELY forgot about it. So much so that even when several readers today were gently complaining that today’s strip just was not funny, I still didn’t remember the joke–much less that I had thought of one.

Lo and behold Mike DeVito over at Th3rd World messages me today and says, “You know what you could’ve done here…” And I smacked my brain upside my skull and remembered instantly. So…what you see now is the updated, funny version of SF 157.

What did it look like before? Imagine the last panel without a sound effect or movement from Captain Spectacular save for the opening of his eyes. Yeah, pretty boring. I was okay with it simply because this is meant to be dramatic, but, hey, if there’s a way to make it funny, why not?


Anybody else on Twitter? I signed up recently and it’s great fun. I’ve gotten to know some SF readers better this way, and even found some new ones.Here’s my Twitter page, in case you’re interested.

Tall Tale Features Interview #4 – Scott Metzger by Mike Witmer

The newest entry in the Tall Tale Features Interview Series has Pinkerton’s Mike Witmer taking on Stewart’s Scott Metzger. A fun, short read.Check it out. is a new Webcomic List site that has begun recently. It’s quite cool and very user friendly. I love the easy ranking system and the review and staff picks. Nice touches. Be sure and check it out and get your comic on there.

Today’s Strip

The Third Man returns and things get slightly less cheery, don’t they? Since he’s been off-camera for a while, I’ll go ahead and do something I almost never do: provide a link to an episode that will go a long way towards enlightening you. Enjoy!