Last week’s discussion was AWESOME. Some great, opposing point of views were shared and I really appreciate how respectful and thoughtful everyone is around here. There’s more meat to chew on in these little webcomics than might at first appear, and you guys get that.

Tangerine has been struggling with the big decision of whether to obey Pilatius and save his sons or not. Where do you guys land on this? What do you think of his son Michael’s arguments against it? Either way, the decision is about to be made. Wednesday.

Anyone else see Ender’s Game last week? Both my oldest and I had read the book and we both mostly liked it. There were even some things I loved about it. The Battle Room scenes were amazing and I thought the movie handled the reveal and fall out from the big twist at the end rather well. My biggest complaint is that it just moved too quickly. Given the short runtime of 114 minutes, I don’t see why another 15 minutes couldn’t have been added to enhance the character relationships and perhaps give us one more battle in the Battle Room. I look forward to the extended version, if there is one. Did you see it? What did you think?