It’s the little things.

Like Dr. Rocket and Percy breaking the boundary of the last panel. I love it. You almost don’t notice it, but it perfectly enhances the dynamics of the action in that panel. Little things like that make me happy.


Good news! The long-awaited origin of Swifty is about to be told. Think you know everything from the hints in flashbacks and other Origins stories? You could not be more wrong. Swifty has led quite the entertaining and heartbreaking life. There’s a reason the man is the way he is, and you’re about to find out why.

To tell this tale, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be ably assisted by artist CHRIS WHARTON! You may know Chris from his excellent YouTube channel in which he does some great time lapse drawings and gives essential illustrating tips. Or, perhaps you’ve read his webcomic, GIANT. Or maybe, like me, this your introduction to Chris’ work. Dude’s got chops. I’m excited to see those pages start rolling in!

Cover to "GIANT" from Chris Wharton

See you all on Wednesday with 692 – “See, You are Needed!”