Look at the detail in that darkened warehouse!  I kid.

If you look closely at the third panel you’ll see that Dictator Tot has tossed aside a small device. I didn’t have room to explicitly state it, but the idea is that she was using that device to make it appear as though she was the monster. Of course, it’s all a trick. One could argue that the Third Man gave her the bombs AND the image-inducer.  We never do find out what Dictator Tot was having shipped to this warehouse on 8th street because, really, it doesn’t matter.

The last panel kills me. My best drawing of Dictator Tot, hands down.

Tall Tale Features Interview #4 – Brock Heasley by Barb Jacobs!

Yep, the TTF on TTF interview train keeps on rollin’ and this time I’m in the passenger seats. Barb talked to me about SuperFogeys, my personal life, the role of religion in the SuperFogeys and makes me honestly assess my artistic and writing skills. You can even see a real, honest-to-goodness photograph of me! Honest!

Check out the whole thing at this link!

New Update

Beta-testing is going great with a lot of great feedback and enthusiasm for what we’re doing. We’ve already implemented some changes based on the comments and I’m sure there will be even more before the official launch. Stay tuned!

About Today…

Second family funeral of the year today. Bummer, that. I’ve been to a lot of funerals in my life, for lots of people that I was very close with. My Uncle Chris was only 10 years older than me and when I was younger we used to hang out a lot. He taught me how to swim. I didn’t know him as well these past 15 years or so, but he was someone who was very important to me once upon a time. I look forward to marking his passing, even if I don’t understand completely his reasons for precipitating it. I’m grateful that God is the one who gets to sort this stuff out because, in the end, only He knows why we do anything. Not judging is a beautiful relief. It frees up our ability to love and forgive.

All of which is to say: I won’t be around much today, but keep the comments coming as I will most surely respond to them as soon as I am able.