I hope you’ll all join me in offering a big (mostly in our heads) internet round of applause for John Jett. Through 15 weeks(!) of updates, John never failed me once and turned in his gorgeous pages–each one better than the last–on time and with the maximum amount of effort put into them. He even expanded the story by two pages and added a cover. Wow. Amazing work, my friend. And the watercolor work in today’s final page? Looks fantastic.

I know the Jerry Origin was a looooong time in coming and I hope you all enjoyed it. It is the second longest origin story (behind The Society of Heroes) and maybe the most important one we’ve seen so far. Hopefully, it answered a bunch of your questions and raised a few more. I think it would be very much worth you time to read the entire story from the beginning to get a true feel of the tale it tells. You can do that starting right here.

Can’t wait to see what you guys think of the way the story wrapped up!


Yesterday, John and I exchanged a few back and forths to wrap up the last page and to thank each other for the experience. In his last email, John addressed both me and you, the reader. Here is what he wrote:

Thanks, man. Sincerely.

Thank you for even considering me when it came time to pick an artist to help you make this story happen, and for welcoming me into the Superfogeys family. I can’t even begin to put into words how immensely proud I am of this story.

If it sounds like I think I just won an Academy Award, it’s probably because that’s pretty close to how I feel over drawing (and finishing) this story. 15 pages doesn’t sound like much, but when you work full time and have a wonderful family at home, even 1 page can seem insurmountable. If you had told me 3 months ago that I’d be sitting here after completing Jerry’s origin without missing a single deadline, I wouldn’t have called you a liar, but I would have arched an eyebrow at least.

I made sure to bring my A-game with every line and every panel, and I hope it shows.  Not only have you and the other SF artists set an insanely high bar, but the readers truly deserve nothing less than everything I could possibly give them and more. It’s amazing how motivational they can be without even realizing it.

I’d really like to thank each and every reader, especially those that took the time to comment and give feedback week after week. There was more than a couple times I’d finish a panel, look at it, and decide it needed to be scrapped and redrawn because it wasn’t going to knock any of their socks off. The readers made every page better and I’d like to thank them for their support and dedication to these characters and their stories. (And I hope those sketchcards have finally shown up to the trivia contest winners!)

Thanks again, Brock. It’s been an incredible few months.



Next week, it’s Swifty/Space Pig team-up time as together they ward off an alien invasion! “But,” I hear you saying, “wait a minute…the title is The Ballad of Rhonda and Gordon. That sounds like a love story, not an alien invasion story. What gives?”

Fear not, all will make sense in due time.

Pencils and Inks this time around are by the returning Michael Odom (Holiday WarsThe Death of Mr. Crook) with colors by Will Terrell (Superzeroes). You can see a preview of their work in this interview I did with Holiday Wars writer Scott King last week!


If all goes according to plan, the new SuperFogeys website will debut next week. I know I keep saying that, but it doesn’t look like anything is stopping it anymore. If you come to sometime next week and things look DRASTICALLY different, don’t panic. All is well. It’s just the beginning of a whole new era.


MONDAY – 334 – “Whaddaya Wanna Do?” Swifty and Star Maiden try to decide with to do with their time in Vegas and Star Maiden has some pretty…unusual ideas.

WEDNESDAY – 335 – “Diagonally” Star Maiden sees something that catches her interest. Swifty better buckle up.

FRIDAY – The Ballad of Rhonda and Gordon, Pg. 1 “Uh Oh” – It begins! Swifty just wants to sleep, but Space Pig won’t pee on him. (Now that’s a description you won’t find on any other comic anywhere–and if you do, please don’t tell me.)