I’ve talked a little bit about Jerry’s “underlying psychology” in the comments to recent strips. Any three dimensional character should really have an underlying psychology to their actions, i.e. motivations that even they themselves may not be aware of. It’s called depth and it can be really tough to create. Every writer tries to instill that kind of depth in every character they write, but telling stories is like juggling multiple balls at once and it’s no surprise that often one or two get dropped.

My hope is that the ball hasn’t been dropped with Jerry since he’s so central to the story of the SuperFogeys and the themes that all wrapped up in it. Time was, he wasn’t seen as very complicated at all–some even accused him of being one dimensional. It’s one of the reasons I’m really excited about this chapter. Spy Gal, to me, is a character with a lot of depth, but I don’t think that depth has been shown successfully. Not in any kind of way that satisfies me. My expectation is that this chapter will turn that around.

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