Have ever been in trouble–and I mean big time–and you thought there was still a way out of it? I mean, there’s caught and then there’s caught. If your sin is big enough, you might deny, deny, deny–even to the point of convincing yourself. You’ve done nothing wrong. They must just be mistaken. Maybe you even convinced yourself along the way that you were behaving correctly all along. Maybe the last time you thought about the wrongness was when you first started and that voice in the back of your head whispered, “Don’t do this.” But you did it anyway and, over time, that voice got quieter and quieter and quieter until you didn’t hear it anymore and you thought, y’know, maybe you just imagined that voice. Maybe it was never really there in the first place. And if it was never really there, then you never did anything wrong.

Until you get caught. Then, suddenly, you see again how it looks from the outside and you find yourself defending against the thing you’re pretty darn sure was never wrong. It couldn’t be wrong. It’s impossible. They must be wrong. The problem is theirs. How dare they accuse me. 

Is this where Jerry is at right now? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that today’s strip isn’t just funny. It’s kind of sad, too.

Double-sized SuperFogeys on Wednesday! Jerry vs. Spy Gal. It’s a war of words, and you’ve got front row seats.