This chapter, like Chapter 8, The Captain and the Spy, will be quite short and primarily consist of a conversation between two people. However, my prediction is that the response to this version of that plot will be much more positive. I hope. I like little breather chapters like this. Sets the stage for what comes next.

This chapter will also mark a subtle shift in storytelling. With Marc Lapierre on board as the regular SF artist and the updates for the regular strip appearing twice a week instead of one, there’s more room now for the story I want to tell. I think when updates on a story are coming only once a week then it’s incumbent upon a writer to make each one as meaty a meal as possible. But with two? I might be throwing you a side dish now and again. 

The reason for doing this is to allow the story to breathe a little more and to pace things better. A good example of this is today’s strip which might not have played as well a year ago when you’d have had to wait 7 days for the next strip. But with the next part of this conversation coming just two days from now? I think the trade off in scene and mood setting is worth it. 

But this is all storytelling nuts and bolts. You don’t care how the sausage is made. Let’s move on.


This past weekend was a holiday weekend and it’s possible you missed the great work John Jett (and me–I did something too!) did on the second page of the Jerry origin. Go on back and check it out if you did!

See you on Wednesday with SuperFogeys 311!