This strip is a Marc Lapierre special. I’ve learned that with action scenes the less scripting I do the better. Marc has references to pull from that I can’t touch and a much better visual mind for the choreography and how it should play out across panels than I do. Even in the last panel, the tie cinch was all Marc.

One of my favorite things about Money Man is his way of fighting crime–throw money at the problem. Whether it’s funding The Society of Heroes or buying off a villain, Money Man truly believed in the power of his fortune. I love that, but it’s kind of a one-joke premise. Obviously, Money Man has moved beyond it.

Had a chance to return to my old stomping grounds at Fresno State on Monday where I gave a lecture on my experiences with comics–and Webcomics in particular. I went in-depth with my whole history and the history of SuperFogeys (while somehow managing not to spoil the Jerry reveal) and it was loads of fun. I recorded it with the intent of sharing, but it’s well over an hour and if you’ve heard any of my podcast interviews, you’ve probably heard it all anyway. Still, it was loads of. Fun. Hopefully, the students felt the same way.