Wow. The Midnight Cartooner, a contributor at Digital Strips, did an amazingly in-depth review of the SuperFogeys.  He took a look at each strip–from the very first, all the way to last week’s 209 did a great job summing up the complete experience.  It’s a nicely written review that breaks it all down for you by category–writing, art, etc.

Midnight does a great job noting both the strengths and weaknesses of SF, and in the end he gives his final verdict.  What does he come up with?  You’ll have to click here to find out.


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with the great guys over at Strangers With Comics. And I do mean that literally.  Both Tony and Randy live here in Fresno with me (well, not with me–you get the idea) and it was fun to do a face-to-face. We talked about the beginnings of SF (a topic which might be little too familiar by now to some of you), but we also got into the business of webcomics itself. A good time was had by all.

You can hear the interview on their latest podcast here. My interview starts about 41 minutes in.


Finally! This once-a-week update stuff blows! I know I say this at the end of every chapter, but six is easily my favorite of what I’ve done so far.

Back at the end of Chapter Five, I did an extended teaser of what you would find in Chapter Six.  Let’s see how I did, shall we?

“Chapter 6 will open up on Dr. Rocket’s funeral.  In fact, about 90% of Chapter 6 will take place outside of Valhalla.  Big change of pace.  We’ll see the entire funeral and hear some nice and not-so-nice words about the good Doctor.

“We’ll also get to find out the origins of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  If you love flashbacks, you’ll love Chapter 6.  Expect a little mystery raised by the last panel of Chapter 5 to be solved.

“Any Healer fans out there?  He makes his long-awaited return.  A character previously only glimpsed in the background will finally come forward and say a few words.  And, because you demanded it, someone WILL call Captain Spectacular out on his failure to act at the end of Chapter 5, but it’s probably the last person you’d expect.”

Not too bad.  I think I hit all the marks I said I would. I think “Funeral for a Frenemy” had a bit of a rocky start, but the middle portion with the origin of Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular and the ending with the Dr. Rocket reveal and fallout was much stronger. I know it was spread out over too many months (and trips to the hospital), but what did you guys think?

Next Week:

3 Updates next week!  That’s right, three.  It’ll go like this:

Tuesday: SuperFogeys Origins: The Society of Heroes continues with as the Eagle and the Bear go at it! That’s right, it’s the Money Man vs. Soviet Sam.  Two men enter, one ideology leaves!

Wednesday: Special update in which I’ll share the FULL version of the SuperFogeys one-pager that was in Th3rd World’s Free Comic Book Day preview of Stuff of Legend. It’s kind of a Star Maiden showcase, but everybody else shows up as well.

Thursday: I’ll reveal the cover to SuperFogeys Collection #5. Five will collect all of Chapter 6, “Funeral for a Frenemy” and some other goodies to be announced later.  I’ll also be doing a teaser preview of Chapter 7, “Visiting Day.”

See you then!


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