Yep, SuperFogeys 300 lands next week. You know what that means…milestone! In SuperFogeys 100 we found out that Dr. Klein and the Third Man were one and the same. In SuperFogeys 200 we found out that the Dr. Rocket we thought we knew wasn’t really Dr. Rocket at all. While I don’t promise a revelation nearly as significant as those two for 300, what I can promise you is…


Yeah, there’s some big stuff in the works that I’m finally going to tell you all about a week from today. This is the most significant SuperFogeys announcement since the creation of SuperFogeys Origins. It will fundamentally change the experience of reading the SuperFogeys in more ways than one. Is it the long-anticipated site overhaul? Sadly, no, but at one time the introduction of the new site was going to be part of the 300 festivities. (That’s how close it is to completion.) No, this is actually bigger than that.

I anticipate a wide variety of reactions next Thursday. Some of you may not be very happy, others may cry with joy and proclaim “I’VE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS!” I honestly don’t know how you’re all going to take it, but one way or another…this is a very exciting time to be a SuperFogeys fan.


I hinted on Tuesday that I might be sharing pictures of my new daughter today, but I’m thinking it will be more special to do it next Thursday.


On Tuesday, The Cape of Wrath has a knife to Spy Gal’s husband Barry’s throat. It can really only go one of two ways…

Then, on Thursday…what else can I say? You really need to be here. Triple-sized strip! Wake the dog and tell the neighbors! Miss Thursday’s update and I promise you’ll regret it.