UPDATE! Have some fun and read Chapter 16 from the beginning all the way through right here!

Secrets, secrets are no fun

Secrets, secrets hurt someone

Here’s the deal, the title of this chapter is a lie. Secrets are really fun. It’s fun to have them, it’s fun to keep them and, in storytelling, they’re essential. They captivate an audience and motivate characters in a clear and concise way. Characters keeping secrets from each other can supply endless story opportunities and conflict.

Which is, of course, why I wanted to get rid of them and blow the story all to pieces in this chapter. The big secret at the heart of the story of The SuperFogeys–so far–has always been that Jerry is Dr. Klein is The Third Man. Until the end of Chapter 9, it was a secret that was kept even from the readers. Now, finally, all of the characters are in the same position of knowledge as all of you. That’s a huge resetting of the board. If you’re not looking at the above strip and thinking “Wow, everything’s changed” then you’ve got some archive diving to do! Because this is big.

I really, really loved making this chapter. There were things Marc and I finally got to do (like the return of Money Man and the beginning of Swifty’s time travel adventures) that we had been waiting for for a long, long time. So, what’s left? Where in the world are we going next?

The next chapter is “Chapter 17 – Invasion, Part Four: The End of Lies.” That’s kind of a heavy title, but it’s an apt description. The Chapter will principally concern itself with three characters: Spy Gal, Tangerine and Zurida. Each of these characters have been dealing with lies in one way or another–some of them knowingly, some of them not–and the next chapter will see those lies come crashing down on them in a big way. Expect hints to new mysteries, the unexpected return of old characters and your first look at The Guthrie.

But, come on. I think there’s really only one thing you want after today’s strip (I know it’s what I want to see): Spy Gal confronting Jerry. It’s happening. Next chapter. You seriously do not want to miss it.


This marks the last strip for a little while. I know, I know. It’s a terribly unfair cliffhanger, but my wife and I are going on a long overdue vacation. SuperFogeys is a two-man show, so it can’t quite go on with me. Marc gets to get ahead on the strip a bit and you lose out a bit, but we WILL be back. On July 22nd. See you then.