UPDATE 2! Since this time travel business has been woven so much into the background of the story of the SuperFogeys (and time travel can be kind of confusing), I want to help point you guys towards the right places as much as possible. Some of you are wondering WHY this is happening, and I think this strip right here answers that question pretty well, but if you really want to know the full extent of the WHY, the entirety of Chapter 10 – Bubbles of Light is can’t miss material. I’m also going to point you towards Jerry’s origin, which shows some of the events of Chapter 10 from a slightly different perspective starting here. Hope that helps!

UPDATE! Link to SF 107 now fixed.

Want to know where Swifty went? You’ve already seen it. That’s right, this is the zero point. This is the moment Future Swifty comes from, and from here he’s going straight to SF 107. First posted in… 2008!

Longtime readers know what that strange energy is surrounding Swifty. Those are “Bubbles of Light” and they mean time travel. If you had told me SuperFogeys wouldn’t get to this moment until 2013, I never would have believed you. You plan a story, you drop hints and little nuggets to be picked up later… and you just assume those pick ups will come a little closer to, I don’t know, the decade you write them in, maybe?

But yes, here we are. Now you know fully what Future Swifty was talking about during this conversation with his past self. I gotta tell you, it took a bit of wrangling to make this all work out. You guys know me, you know I plan way, way in advance with this stuff, but plans don’t always work out exactly the way you want and, to be perfectly candid, I had to do a bit of story gymnastics to make sure this moment lined up with everything else. It was fun planting the seeds for this over the past five years, but I’m glad we now get to move on from it!

So, what is next? When will Swifty come back? Will he come back? Stick with me. Like I said, I plan way, way ahead.

Big, big thanks to SuperFogeys artist Marc Lapierre for once again pulling out a double-sized strip to mark a big moment. This could have been done in one, single strip, but Marc gave it all the majesty it kind of deserved. Great inking, great storytelling.

You may have missed it late last week, but I’m now a contributor over at the great genre movie news and opinion site, Geek League of America. Big thanks to Jeff Carter and the whole team over there for inviting me on board. My first piece, “Jedi Are Pricks: How Star Wars VII-IX Can Make the Prequels Retroactively Better” is up right now. I think there’s cool stuff in it.