I caved in to pressure and went ahead and posted Chapter Two-Shooting from the book I’ve written–Raised By a Dead Man. I know some of your enjoy my prose stuff (but not everyone–move along if that’s you), so here’s a preview and a link:


At the end of each workday, Dad would remove the guns quickly, one by one from the counters, and then place them with great care into two long, black cases for storage during the night. I had seen him do it many times and I always marveled at how, without any markers or leftover impressions on the foam pad that lined the inside, he could remember the precise placement of each gun and rifle inside their carriages. It was a puzzle only he had the picture to. Once packed, the gun cases were then put into large, imposingly black safes that were housed in the secondary, larger back room just behind the freezers.

It was something Dad did night after night, with little incident, with the exception of that night. On that night, he never made it to the safe.  Neither did the guns.

Read more at this link. Enjoy.


Didja see it? Didja see it? I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with how the Thrice Evil origin turned out. Steve Ogden did an amazing, amazing job on it. You can read the conclusion here, or read the 6-page story from the beginning here.


On Tuesday, a new SuperFogeys Origin begins–SPY GAL & FRIENDS vs. C.O.W.! With art by Chris “Odori Park” Watkins!

Then, on Thursday, be back here as we catch up Tangerine. That’s always interesting!