Today marks the very last strip of Chapter 10, Bubbles of Light. Have some fun and read the whole thing from the beginning by clicking here.

For me, this chapter was about answering questions. After upsetting the apple cart at the end of the previous chapter, I knew there was some splainin’ to do. Many of you were confused…are there two Jerrys? Does he have multiple personalities? Given my previous plot machinations, all theories were pretty much valid. My feeling was that we’d need a chapter to show just exactly what Jerry was up to and why. Now, you know.

Of course, along the way a lot more than just that happened. The time traveling Future Swifty has been a part of the strip since Chapter 4 (!) and that needed taking care of as well. I had a ton of fun with Swifty talking to himself and I’m gonna miss that interaction.

And then there’s Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket’s story, which culminated in the big SF 300, my artistic swan song. That one was a surprise. I’ve made no secret of how far out I plan these chapters and Bubbles of Light, like most everything you’ve seen since Chapter One, was first conceived back in the Fall of 2006. But Dr. Rocket getting cancer? That’s a newer plot twist even for me. Should be “fun” (fun seems wrong when talking about cancer) seeing how it resolves itself.

Of course, the biggest thing to happen in this chapter was the artistic shift from myself to new SF artist Marc Lapierre and the increased update schedule. I want to thank all of you for keeping an open mind and giving Marc a chance. I think he’s been doing a PHENOMENAL job of both doing his own thing and still very much keeping the SF feel it took me 300 strips to establish. Best is yet to come, I guarantee it. You have no idea.

What are you thoughts on Chapter 10? Share them below!


In Chapter 11, BBC’s Dr. Who will come to visit Valhalla and fight Dr. Klein in the past just before the start of Chapter One and then bring him to the future to witness his own birth and plant the seeds for the prehistoric destruction of the human race in a parallel universe one dimension over from ours where Nazis have taken over and dinosaurs are their foot soldiers.

“No! No more time travel! My head hurts! Stop it! Dr. Who is copyrighted anyway. You can’t use him.”

Good point. Okay, Chapter 11 is actually going to be a very simple story of Dr. Klein and Dr. Rocket having a conversation.

“What!? That sounds boring! I want Nazi Dinosaurs!”

Sorry, my friend. This is gonna be another one of those short chapters (12 strips, I think) that sets the stage for what comes next. Expect lots of flashbacks and the answer to the question no one is asking: What did Dr. Rocket do after brainwashing Herman into impersonating him?

It all starts next week and I promise you you won’t want to miss it.

See you all on Friday with the Jerry Origin, Page 2!