I teased this weeks ago, but now it’s finally here! On the web, there is no bigger site for comic book news than Newsarama.  Their coverage is about 75% DC and Marvel, with the other 25% mostly reserved for the big independent publishers like Image, Dark Horse and IDW.  Only very rarely do you ever see an article on a webcomic, and if you do it’s usually one of the big guys like PVP or Peny Arcade or the Zuda guys.

Well, today the SuperFogeys make their Newsarama debut! Big thanks to Vaneta Rogers for her continued patience in dealing with me.  So excited about this! Go check it out!

Special Request: If you have a minute to spare and want to support the SuperFogeys, there’s really no better way right now than to leave a comment at the bottom of the article. Plus, when a site like Newsarama does a story on webcomic, it’s important to let them know that it’s worth it. Hopefully, we’ll see coverage of more webcomics in the future. So, please, if you do love SF, let the people know!


Just wanted to give a heads up to those who have pre-ordered SF Book 4 and are patiently waiting for their copy.  The book was supposed to be released tomorrow, May 8, but there’s been a slight delay (for reasons you’ll find out soon enough).  Never fear, the book is still coming and it’s going to be amazing (wait’ll you see the bonus story where Captain Spectacular embraces his inner Simon Cowell and holds auditions for a new partner!).

Those of you that haven’t pre-ordered yet, there’s still a bit of time left. After that, I can’t guarantee there will be copies available right when you want it. Book Four is available in two editions, Artist and Regular.


I met John Norton over the weekend at Heroes Comics in Fresno when I was there for Free Comic Book Day. I guess he wasn’t completely put off by the personal encounter because afterwards he whipped up this terrific fan art.  Pretty cool, eh?

John does the great webcomic George, and he recently did a nice little write-up on the SuperFogeys.  Check that out here!

Next Week:

SuperFogeys Origins brings a little twist to the Society of Heroes tale and on Thursday we check in with Star Maiden and Spy Gal.  I need to laugh, dang it!


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