As you can see, the title of today’s strip is to be taken quite literally.

Kudos to Marc for this strip and for the next several. As I think I mentioned last week, we did the end of this chapter a little differently in that I gave Marc a rough idea of what I wanted to have happen and then he took it and built the panel-to-panel action from there, adding his own beats and hits along the way. I’m not even adding dialogue until after he finishes drawing it. It’s the old Marvel Method, where Stan Lee would handle Jack Kirby what basically amounted to a plot and then Jack would draw a whole issue from it. Stan then went in afterwards and did his thing. It made for some great comics, but it requires a certain alchemy of talent to achieve it. Am I comparing myself and Marc to Stan and Jack? Heavens, no. But it’s fun to try this method out for a little bit. Based on early results, Marc seems more than up the challenge.

Don’t forget! Guest Strippin’ Xmas 4 starts next week! Please get your guest strips to me by Dec. 20th. I honestly don’t expect a ton of guest strips this year as you guys have come through a couple of times already this year during periods when we needed the break, but any strips we get will be more than appreciated. Thanks! 

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