It’s that time of year again when SuperFogeys takes a bit of time off and you get to step in to fill the gap!

You guys really came out in a big way to support SF this year. From the last minute guest strips we needed over the summer to the Kickstarter, I want to thank everyone. Because of that, I want to put it out there that there shouldn’t be any sense of obligation attached to this year’s Guest Strippin’ Xmas (not that there really ever is). This should be fun and nothing more. Create the guest strips because you want to draw these characters and you want to see your name in (Christmas) lights and for no other reason.

Got that? Cool.

If you’d like to submit, here’s the specs and what you need to know:

• Submissions can be in either strip or page format. Valhalla years or SuperFogeys Origins–it’s up to you! (Just bear in mind that your stories won’t be canon.)

• Funny is good.

• Strips will run at 900 pixels across.  Please send that size or larger.  I can always scale down, but never up.

• Spy Gal naked is bad.

• Please include “SuperFogeys (copyright symbol) 2012 Brock Heasley” underneath the strip.

• email to: bwhheasley (at)

• Include your name, name of your comic (if you have one) and website url (if you have one) and whatever biographical information you’d like to see posted with your strip. Promoting you is my thank you, so please make sure I have my facts straight!

 Deadline is Dec. 20th

Have at it, folks! Please ask any questions you have in the comments below.