Tuesday, as I was rewriting the script (again) for the today’s strip, I got a flash of an idea for an Origin story that I knew I just had to tell. The idea that Tom and Ms. Missile are together (which some of you had sussed out before today–my hat’s off to you) is one that’s rife with possibilities that I just don’t have room to explore here in the strip proper. But, the one story that I do want to tell is exactly how these two crazy kids got together in the first place.


I knew that I could tell the story in about one or two pages, perfect for an artist that might have a little extra time on his or her hands. One artist in particular came immediately to mind thanks to an interview he did on Tall Tale Radio last week. He’s an artist I’ve been aware of for a while, but I had never spoken to him formally and had no idea if he’d be up for it.


Well, he was, and now I’m pleased to announce that Marc Lapierre of Boxcar Astronaut will be doing a 2-page SuperFogeys Origin entitled “When Tom Met Ms. Missile!” Marc is a fantastic artist with chops and he’s gonna bring a really different flavor to SFO. You must check out Marc’s comic, which I introduced to Dictator Tot last night. She fell in love and kept on reading one after another until her mom made her stop and get to bed. But she’ll be back. Oh, she’ll be back.


I just happened to catch Marc at the right time, so you’ll be enjoying this little tale right after the conclusion of Krishna Sadasivam’s run, which starts this Tuesday. Believe it or not, I was actually able to turn out the entire Tom and Ms. Missile script last night. Not that it was a rush job–this story actually contains some of my most favorite dialogue that I’ve come up with.


Anyways, get excited. Lots of great artists coming up on SFO.  It’s gonna be almost like a who’s who of webcomics for the next long while. This is a very good thing.



I’ll admit that sales on SuperFogeys Volume One have been a bit slower than I’d hoped for. If you’re so inclined, please do stop by the SuperFogeys Store and check out this fantastic, definitive collection of Chapters 1-5.

Already have yours?  Tell us about it the comments and/or send me a photo with you and the book and I’ll post it!


On Tuesday, “Spy Gal vs. Star Maiden” with art by Krishna “PC Weenies” Sadasivam kicks off. Then, on Thursday, be back here as we catch up with Spy Gal and her family!  Cami returns!