Iiiiiit’s that time again. As per usual, I’ll be taking a week or two off around Christmas time to spend time with my family and recharge my batteries a bit. This past year in SF has taken more out of me than I thought it would–writing SFO and doing the regular strip once-a-week is almost as much work as doing the strip twice-a-week was.

This is where you come in. I’m looking for anyone who would like to contribute to send a guest strip my way to run at the end of December. I reserve the right to refuse to run something because of content (keep in mind that SF is profanity and nudity free) or a slipshod effort (which has never happened before, but still–talent level is not the issue here, effort is–if your art stinks, your writing could still carry it, and vice versa…but, don’t be so hard on yourself–I’m pretty forgiving), but otherwise everything is pretty much fair game.

Last year I got some great entries, including one from T.L. Collins that directly resulted in my asking him to take on the thankless task of regular SuperFogeys Origins artist. T.L., you’re welcome to submit again, as are any of the other SuperFogeys Origins contributors.

Here’s the specs:

• Would prefer that all guest strips be set during the Valhalla years, but if you’ve got a killer idea for the Fogeys in their younger days, have at it.

• Funny is good.

• Strips will run at 800 pixels across.  Please send that size or larger.  I can always scale down, but never up.

• Spy Gal naked is bad.

• Please include “SuperFogeys (copyright symbol) 2009 Brock Heasley” underneath the strip.

• email to: heasley (at) th3rdworld.com

• Include your name, name of your comic (if you have one) and website url (if you have one) and whatever biographical information you’d like to see posted with your strip. Promoting you is my thank you, so please make sure I have my facts straight!

Deadline is Dec. 22nd

• Pantsless Captain Spectacular is encouraged. However, please keep in mind that no one wants see more than a hairy man thigh. You’ve been warned (Racine).

Consult the handy Character Guide if you need help getting started! Have at it, folks!


It’s been a long strange road to Spy Gal’s ambivalence to getting married to Captain Spectacular.  Here’s a quick rundown:

Spy Gal and the Captain first flirted as members of the newly formed Society of Heroes.

Later, they dated and were very nearly married until Star Maiden came to town and the good Captain fell in love with her instead.

Many years later, Spy Gal came to Valhalla and she and the Captain reconnected. It was kind of disgusting.

When Star Maiden came to Valhalla as well, it very nearly drove them apart, but the Captain proposed to Spy Gal instead!

Later, when Tangerine killed Herman the Shape-shifter (who was at that time disguised as Dr. Rocket), Captain Spectacular failed to stop Big T from knocking Spy Gal on her butt. This upset her to the point that she even dissed her fiancee at a funeral!

Now it’s Visiting Day and Spy Gal is having second thoughts about this whole marriage thing.  What will she do? And, more importantly, is this a comic strip or a soap opera?

(Now that I’ve done them a few times, what your verdict on these annotations? Helpful or repetitive?)


It’s go time on Tuesday and Spy Gal and Star Maiden duke it out over in SuperFogeys Origins as Krishna Sadasivam’s guest art stint continues. Then, on Thursday, be back here as Spy Gal tells her family all about the real Dr. Klein…


You know you want it.  Well, it’s here and it’s shipping now.  Order your copy of SuperFogeys Volume One today and bask in the 105 page goodness. Because your mother taught you to read from only the very best books.