Double-sized strips are always an iffy proposition. They take more time, obviously, and they need to kind of justify their existence with a big deal event. Last week’s–with the introduction of a bunch of new characters–was a good example of a justified double-sized strip. Today’s strip, on the other hand, could have been broken into two quite easily, but it just didn’t feel right to me. Sometimes, you double it up for pacing reasons. That’s really the only reason behind this one. I just didn’t want to do another two days of Spy Gal handing out orders. We need to move on! But poor Marc… he tries to get ahead and I hit him with two double-sized in as many weeks. I’m horrible like that. You guys know there’s a link to donate directly to Marc below the strips, right? Right?

And don’t forget! Marc is headed to NYCC this weekend!

Recently, in my 9-to-5, I’ve had the opportunity to work with video more. My latest blog shows off a quick demo reel of some of the stuff the art and video departments have been able to cook up in the past six months. Check it out right here, if you wish. It stars my wife as our onscreen talent. She’s pretty much amazing at it.