Ugh. Another butt-ugly strip. I think I’m starting to realize that this was a bit problem for me in Chapter 5 – too many strips trying to do too much.

Dr. Rocket’s gift-giving continues here. Of particular note is the peanut butter cookie he gives Captain Spectacular.  That’s actually a follow-up to a bonus story I did with Chip Skelton wherein Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular are trapped in a dungeon with Spy Gal.  The Doc offers a peanut butter cookie to the Captain as a way to make peace and it totally works.


As you all know, I’m a part of a new cartoonist collective, Tall Tale Features. This week we are launching a multi-part feature wherein each member of Tall Tales is interviewing another member. It’s cartoonist on cartoonist and what you’ll get is some pretty insightful stuff, some good advice and a little peek behind the drawing board.

First up is The Brian Anderson Interivew by Brock Heasley. Hey, whaddaya know, that’s me! Brian is the creator behind the nationally syndicated comic strip “Dog Eat Doug” and just a great guy all-around. Prepare to be surprised by what else he’s got going on. Everything from a children’s book to a screenplay. This is a guy who knows how to get stuff done and you’d do well to click on over.

Expect a new interview every Monday from now until we run out of members. I’ve already done mine and the artist who interviewed me pulled out some interesting stuff.


Our comments section is almost in working order now. We’re getting so close! Beta testing just around the corner…


Who else loves peanut butter cookies? Can’t say I was crazy about them as a kid, but now…man, there’s nothing like a good peanut butter cookie.