Oh, this is just the ultimate slam.  Captain Spectacular is definitely a “lives in the moment” kind of guy.  I just couldn’t resist kicking Jerry when he’s down.  He doesn’t speak, but again he communicates a lot.


This strip is also one of the first indications that Cap and Doc were once friends, something that pays off big time in the next chapter.



Visually…blah. I designed a terrible hospital room for Jerry.





Agh. I hate summer colds. Wasn’t I just in the hospital? And now this? And the ironic part is that I think I’m doing some of my best drawing right now, while I’m sick. Working on episode 154, next Thursday’s ep and I’m really pleased with it so far. Keep your fingers crossed that my effusive amounts of snot don’t bubble up into hackery with the inks. Cuz the pencils looks good!

I’m not being coherent right now, am I?


First showed it to people outside the Th3rd World camp on Tuesday. No, it’s not done yet–not even ready for beta testing–but they were suitable awed. They got it. They saw what we’re doing that’s new and I’m pumped even more now.


Recorded an interview with Tom Racine last night for the next Tall Tale Radio podcast. Was great fun and Tom made it seem less like an interview and a lot more like a conversation.

Should be up by the end of this week/early next week. Keep checking Tall Tale for more details.


It’s 6 a.m. on Eighth St. and Tangerine is in for a surprise.