Spy Gal’s suspicion of Dr. Klein has a bit of a history to it, going all the way back to when the Valhalla computers went a little screwy in Chapter 3 and Spy Gal was determined to get to the bottom of it. But, when she confronted Dr. Klein with the issue, he pretty much blew her off. Then, he skipped town.


While Dr. Klein was away, Jerry was shot by Dictator Tot, who claimed to be working for the Third Man. This set off alarm bells in Spy Gal’s mind. Later, when Spy Gal confronted Dr. Klein with her suspicions, he denied nothing.

What Spy Gal hasn’t even begun to guess yet is that Dr. Klein and the Third Man are in fact the same person. What no one knows is why he is doing any of this. It’s very frustrating, actually. It’s like the writer of this stupid comic is just making it up as he’s going along.

(No, I’m not!)

Shut up.


Because Krishna Sadasivam is kicking butt on the art chores of a little story called “Spy Gal vs. Star Maiden.” Page two, which just went up on Tuesday, features the cat fight you’ve been waiting for.  Worth a click!



The Webcomic Reader Choice Awards are in the final voting phase–only today and tomorrow to cast your vote! The SuperFogeys has been nominated in the Art, Writing, Author Congeniality, Best Antagonist (Dr. Rocket) and Best Supporting Character (Swifty) categories.  The top five vote getters in each category go on to the judges’ vote and I’ve gotta say that so far SF isn’t do so hot (probably because I’ve been lax in telling you about it.  Head on over, do a quick registration (anyone can register) and cast your vote for SF if you find it deserving and love your mother.  The Space Pig thanks you.


On Tuesday the fight between Spy Gal and Star Maiden concludes with a heckuva punch! Then, on Thursday, we check back in with Tangerine to see how his reading is going.



You know you want it.  Well, it’s here and it’s shipping now.  Order your copy of SuperFogeys Volume One today and bask in the 105 page goodness. Because your mother taught you to read from only the very best books.