THE ANNOTATED SuperFogeys 230

Today’s strip once again dips into a story I keep brushing up against but never really tell. Don’t worry. The upcoming SuperFogeys Origins story, “The Six Wives of Captain Spectacular” will finally put everything together.  For now, here’s some links to past appearances of Tom and his mother.

We first glimpsed them both here.

We saw Tom’s mother with his father for the first time here, and then baby Tom for the first time here.

Swifty talked about Tom’s estrangement from his father here.

And, of course, Tom told his own story starting here, in a story that will wrap up on Tuesday.

Hope that helps!  Not essential reading to understanding what’s going on, but I know some of you like these links at the very least as refreshers.


Of course you can order SuperFogeys Volume One in the SuperFogeys Store, but yesterday I dropped off FIVE copies of the book at Heroes Comics at Shaw and Hwy 41 in Fresno. No idea how fast these books are gonna sell (or if at all), but if you live in Fresno, want one, and want to skip the hassle of shipping costs, I suggest you get on over there!


Thought you guys might like to see some sample art from upcoming SuperFogeys Origins artists. Some of this art is pretty final, some is still in early stages. No context here, just a few images.

Art by Rossana Bugini, from “The Six Wives of Captain Spectacular”

Art by Krishna Sadasivam, from “Spy Gal vs. Star Maiden”

Art by Charles P. Wilson III, from “Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part 2″


On Tuesday, Tom finishes his tale with a whimper and a plea. On Thursday, he has a bit of news to share with the Captain…news the Captain isn’t gonna like.