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Marc Lapierre is one of the good guys. An excellent cartoonist of his own strips Boxcar Astronaut and Spooky Doofus, Marc comes to SuperFogeys Origins on barely a moment’s notice but with talent oozing out of his eyeballs (it’s best not to watch him when he draws–it’s scary).

About a month back I was looking ahead in the current chapter of the SuperFogeys, Chapter 7, and I realized that I wanted to know a lot more about Tom and Ms. Missile, but that there just wouldn’t be the room for such an exploration in the chapter proper. Within a few minutes, the idea for the story above sparked and I was determined to get it done in time to run this very week.

My first choice to illustrate this story was Marc, though I didn’t really know why. I’ve admired the work he does on Boxcar Astronaut for a while and he just seemed a good fit. It wasn’t until the pages were completely done that I realized that both this story and Boxcar feature a main character that never takes off his helmet. Marc though I was typecasting him! Within an hour Marc agreed, and that night I pounded out the script. We were off and running.

Kudos to Marc for turning this sucker out so quickly. Both pages (page two runs next week) were over and done a couple weeks ago. He really “got” the story and played each emotion and facial expression perfectly.  See panel 6 up there? That’s exactly what I saw Ms. Missile doing in my head, but I never wrote it into the script. How cool is that? Huge, huge thanks to Marc!

Today’s page also marks the first time I’ve colored someone else’s art. Now you know who to complain to if you don’t like the look of something.


Well, Erin and I finally got a chance to watch the new Star Trek on Bluray this past weekend. It was her first Star Trek experience, period, and suffice it to say that she was not excited going in. Star Trek, unfortunately, carries with it a lot of pop culture baggage (thanks, creepy guy with the homemade, first season ST:TNG pajama uniform jumpers). But, based on a recommendation from the always reliable Tom Racine, she forged ahead and gave it a go.

In a nutshell, she liked it. She didn’t LOVE it and want to have Captain Kirk’s babies (thank goodness), but she had a good time watching it and enjoyed the look of the film as well as the cast. Time travel will always be something she has a hard time enjoying, but the strength of the storytelling and the pace and energy of the film essentially overcame that for her.

So, yes, fellow husbands and boyfriends of the non-geek girl. You now have your entry point movie. I just can’t promise any conversions (and I honestly would not have it any other way–two of me would be a problem).


I announced it a while back that Steve Moon Town Ogden will be going the art for the origin of the Thrice Evil. Steve still needs to wrap a couple of things, but after that he’s gonna be hopping over to SFO full-time. In the meantime, he’s sketching away and came up with this fantastic creature design.  Check it out:

I obviously can’t say too much about this guy (guy?), but suffice it to say he (she?) does play a big role in the Thrice Evil’s origin. Coming 2010! 


Probably the first webcomic that I really got into was Wes Molebash’s You’ll Have That.  Wes has a way of finding the comedy and the truisms in the “normal” lives of the people we see every day. The jerk at work. The crusty, politically incorrect boss. The slacker best friend. And, of course, the newlyweds.

Wes ended “YHT” nearly a year ago and now has come roaring back with Max vs. Max, the story of a recently divorce Christian who is trying to figure out dating all over again and just what he’s supposed to do next with his life. As with most of Wes’s comics, this one is semi-autobiographical and I highly recommend it. It just started up last week, so now’s the time to start reading this sure to be fantastic comic. Updates M, W, F.

Why mention this now? Because tonight I have the honor of co-hosting Tall Tale Radio with Tom Racine as we interview Wes about his new projects, past projects and a topic I’m gonna call “Faith and the Cartoonist” (until Tom tells me the actual title).  I’m really looking forward to this both because I’m a big fan of Wes’s work and because I have lots of questions.

You guys should be able to download it next week.  I’ll keep you posted.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 235!