What are you doing reading this? Go spend time with your family! But, if you insist on reading this…let me just say thanks to all of you for your support and comments and enthusiasm for the SuperFogeys. Wouldn’t be a point to any of it without you.


I posted this late on Tuesday, so I’m reposting it here for those of you that missed it…


Just in time for the Christmas is the SuperFogeys Holiday bundle. For one discounted price you get first SuperFogeys Graphic Novel, Volume One, and the brand new Space Pig T-Shirt in the size of your choice. A great gift for the SuperFogeys fan in your house, or for the soon-to-be fan you want to give pretty much the best Christmas ever to. OFFER EXPIRES DECEMBER 31ST, 2009!!

The 106-page Volume One (with SF Chapters 1-5 and a WHOLE LOT MORE) is normally $19.99. SF T-Shirts run $17.99. Get both for a savings of $5 right here!

You can also purchase an Artist Edition of the bundle for just $5 more. Artist Edition comes packed in with an exclusive, original SF sketch card drawn by Brock Heasley (hey, that’s me!). If that’s more your speed, click on over!

And for those of you who are looking at just the shirt and thinking “WANT!”, click on over here and pick it up solo!

As always, your support of the SuperFogeys is always appreciated!


Three, count ‘em THREE updates next week! On Tuesday, the story of when Tom met Ms. Missile concludes with some of the sweetest, most disturbing dialogue I think I’ve ever crafted. Featuring art once again by the incredible Marc Lapierre!

Then, on Wednesday, be back here for a special mid-week update as I debut the teaser image for the SuperFogeys in 2010. I’ve never done something like this before, but all the great stuff coming up in 2010 deserves a bit of a roll out.  You don’t want to miss it.

And of course be back here on Thursday as Swifty drops by to check out this whole Tom/Ms. Missile thing.