I know this one was quick, but I hope enjoyed this little peek into the beginnings of the relationship between Tom and Ms. Missile. Really, this serves as a direct sequel to this story. In my mind, this is exactly what happened as soon as Tom left that room.

In case you missed it, click here to check out page one of “When Tom Met Ms. Missile.”

Sadly, today we must bid a fond farewell to Marc Lapierre who did a bang-up, quick art job on this Origin. This story was a lot of fun to work on and that’s mostly because of Marc. Thanks, man!

And one more time…don’t forget to check out Marc’s excellent strips, Boxcar Astronaut and Spooky Doofus!

UPDATE – Marc just posted the pencils to his two pages! Go see!


Last week I had the opportunity to co-host Tall Tale Radio with Tom Racine and interview one of my very favorite webcomic creators, Wes Molebash. In the first half of the show we talked about Wes’s work on his first comic, You’ll Have That (which Th3rd World will be publishing a massive collection of), his divorce, his new comic Max vs. Max and much, much more. Then, in the second half of the show, we turned out attention towards the use of faith in comics and in popular media in general. It was a fascinating, respectful discussion and you can listen to it all here.

Speaking of Wes Molebash…


This is a huge “get” for me as Wes was really the first webcomic I ever followed on a regular basis. After the Tall Tale Radio interview, Wes and I talked for a bit about the possibility of him doing art on an SFO for me and I’m pleased to report that we’ve firmed up the details and you can look forward to Wes’s story in 2010! No story details yet, but I’ll tease more later.

Speaking of 2010…


Please, please do come back here tomorrow for a very special SuperFogeys update in which I unveil the teaser poster for the SuperFogeys in 2010. I’ve never done something like this before, but as I’m gearing up for 2010 I realize that what I’ll be doing deserves some special attention called to it. So be here for that!


Originally, I had planned on finally releasing “The Six Wives of Captain Spectacular” starting next week. That story is a nine page opus that spans about 50 years of SuperFogeys continuity and I just don’t feel like splitting it up over the Christmas holiday serves it well, so I’ve pushed it into January.

So, starting next week you’re going to be treated to the 5-part “Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part One” instead! This story also sees the return of regular SuperFogeys Origins artist T.L. Collins, so get very, very excited.

The best part? If all goes according to plan, you’re gonna see the story on an accelerated release schedule. 5 pages over 3 weeks leading into Christmas. How great is that?

See you tomorrow and then again on Thursday for SuperFogeys 236!


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