Only a true blue SuperFogeys fan could have crafted this. This is a knowing, detailed, mythology and character-rich guest strip that had me laughing out loud for quite a while.

Marj is a semi-regular commenter in these parts, but she’s clearly ALWAYS paying attention. She’s a webcomicker in her own right and here’s a little bit from her on that:

My website is called Lepus Studios and it serves as a hub for my various comics and projects. Right now, my most active project is a weekly webcomic called Urban Underbrush.

Here is the Urban Underbrush synopsis from my site:

“Welcome to the Grass Roots Boarding House, a city building that oddly features a medium-sized tree growing out of its roof. A place this unique has attracted some curious tenants.
Enter Dynamite and Detonator, the Jack Rabbit Brothers. They are cute, playful, and well trained in the use of powerful explosives. Back in their desert home, they worked for March Hare Demolition Contracting, a company secretly owned by rabbits. The Jack Rabbit family has chosen Dynamite and Detonator to travel to an eastern city and open a new company branch.

When they reach the Grass Roots House, Dynamite and Detonator meet a colorful crowd of humans and animals who become their friends and neighbors.

New adventures, mishaps, schemes, capers, and other amusing scenarios await this pack of misfits who live where nature and civilization meet.”

Be sure and click on the link above to check out Marj’s work!


On Tuesday, the Thrice Evil origin resumes as Bruce Baxter, Jr. enters another world and finds something he’s been looking for for a long, long time!

Then, on Thursday, Future Swifty finally gets a moment to talk to our Swifty…but what will he say?