Okay, I admit it.  I goofed.  There’s a huge continuity error here and I didn’t realize it until months later. Spy Gal states in panel 2 that they had been engaged before.  The thing is…I made it pretty clear in the flashback for Chapter 3 that they hadn’t.  Captain Spectacular was PLANNING to propose, but he never got the chance.  So, yeah.  Oops.

The multiple marriages of both Spy Gal and the Captain were something I came up with on the fly, but is very much an extension of both of their characters.  Spy Gal has an interesting past that I haven’t revealed yet, but her first marriage certainly plays into it.  As for the Captain…dude is kind of a cad, actually.  It’s a little deeper than that, but suffice it to say that there’s a REASON he’s had so many marriages.  He’s a very three-dimensional person in that way and this is the strip I’d point to as the first real hints that CS isn’t strictly cast in the Superman mold.

The reference to extra-dimensional portals is a direct callback to the flashback in Chapter 3, when Captain Spectacular got sucked into one with Star Maiden.

Day Trip
Man, am I exhausted!  Went up to San Francisco yesterday to see my daughter’s doctor, and then came back the very same day.  3 hours there and 3 hours back by car.  You’d think sitting down for so long would be relaxing…but it’s just not.

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Have I mentioned this?  I’m currently in the midst of doing a series of blogs on Tall Tale Features wherein I dissect my Top 40 Most Played songs on iTunes.  It’s kinda fun and revealing.

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Number 147
Today’s strip is a big dang deal.  What think ye?