So now you know. Space Monkeys. They’re horrible.

There’s been some discussion about what, if anything, makes Captain Spectacular weak. There’s even been some hints here and there and some of you have guessed, but I figured it was time to make it plain. Then I deleted the relevant dialogue from this strip. What remains walks a fine line between implication and stating it outright. So, I figured why the heck not? I’ll just put it in the strip title. And there you go.

Been working on a script for a brand new SuperFogeys Origin I like to call “SuperFogeys Babies.” I have the perfect artist for it. The script is ten kinds of fun. I promise diapers and pacifiers and superpowers. And it’s all in-continuity. Meantime, don’t forget to check out the current SuperFogeys Origins story, “Mega Matt and the Ballad of the O’Hara Family!”