Detail from SuperFogeys 686

Man oh man. We did not intend to be gone so long! We’ve never taken a break like this. NEVER. A full year. Wow. We hope to never do it again. Why have we been gone so long? C’mon, you don’t really care. You just want to know when SuperFogeys is coming back. Well, I’ll tell you…


That’s just a short two weeks (and some change) from now! What? You want more news? Okay, I’ve got two more things to share:

1) We’re going back to a twice-weekly schedule, Mondays and Wednesdays. The three-times-a-week thing we did for Chapter 20, but life demands we slow our roll a little bit. HOWEVER, we reserve the right to kick the schedule back into high gear if our buffer warrants it.

2) Chapter 21 is entitled “Death and Destruction.” I’ve been going back and forth over what to call this next chapter. It’s pretty action packed, and, as you can tell by the title I settled on, some big stuff goes down. It even sees the return of old time fan favorite Death, M.D., so you know it’s gonna get a little crazy, a little weird, and a lot deadly.

That’s it for now! One of the things (if not the biggest thing) that allows Marc and I to keep SF going at all is the kindness of our Patrons on Patreon. We did this for free for years, but with increased family and work responsibilities, it’s just not possible to keep justifying the time commitment without at least a little bit of cash flow. SuperFogeys will always be free to read for as long as we’re doing it, but if you enjoy what we’re doing and have got even one spare dollar a month, it sure would help us out A LOT.

You can check out Patreon and get all the details right here!

Thanks so much for your patience, everybody! See you on Aug. 1st!