Sometimes, I ask Marc to accomplish the tricky task of communicating a character’s entire state of mind or silent conversation purely through a facial expression. I think in order to write effective character dramas within the comics medium, you’ve GOT to be able to handle facial expressions well. It’s why Marc is such an effective artist for this story–he nails this stuff.

Kevin Maguire, who used to draw Justice League, was a master of this. He the guy I always think of first when it comes to this. If you can ever find a copy of the prestige format series he did with writer Fabian Nicieza and inker Terry Austin and colorist Paul Mounts called The Adventures of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, pick it up. Not only is it his best work, but I’m pretty sure it’s what the first Captain America movie was based on and what he does with Bucky in particular is a masterclass in facial expressions.

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