I’m gonna be honest with you guys–I did not plan on introducing this story thread in this chapter. I mean, there’s an alien invasion going on. How many more threats do the Fogeys need to deal with?

This isn’t the same as saying this is an unplanned story. What Money Man is talking about is something I’ve had in mind for a quite a while, but I always saw it as something that would come much later. It came up now for the most basic of storytelling reasons: you always wanna be surprising your readers and turning the heat up on your characters. This is the big heat. The one lurking behind everything. It’s all layers. Layers upon layers upon layers. My job is not to lose you and overcomplicate things. We’ll see how it goes.

About 10 strips left in this chapter. Good stuff ahead. Some of which you’ve been waiting to see for a long, LONG time.

Thanks for all the great discussion in the comments lately. You make it tough to stay one step ahead, but I enjoy the challenge!