I’ve been working so hard on getting SuperFogeys Vol. 1 into the best possible shape (among other things–see below) that I just have not had time to write up my San Diego Comic Con report, so apologies for that.  I do have some additional bullet points on the trade however. Check it out:

• The book will measure 8 1/2″ x 11″ which is larger than your standard comic book and allows me to print the strips vertically down the page (instead of the landscape style of the previous books).  Generally, there will be 3 strips on a page and the commentary will go below.  You’re gonna be able to read and reread this thing all sorts of different ways.

• Initial printing is limited to 100 copies, depending on pre-orders.  If you want to ensure your copy, best to order now.

• If you’ve been reading the commentaries posted on the site (check the archives), great!  But rest assured I’ll be going back through and editing and adding additional information to those commentaries, including doing end-of-chapter commentaries that look at the chapter as a whole.  Expect some art and sketch surprises in those commentaries as well.

• I’ll also, for the first time, be doing commentaries on the Bonus Stories.  Find out all the little Easter Eggs and connections to the stories you read on the web that I’ve layered into the stories.

• Soon as I have some sample interiors, I will be showing them off!

Order SuperFogeys Vol. 1 Artist Edition here!

Order SuperFogeys Vol. 1 Regular Edition here!


Today’s amazing SuperFogeys Orgins art comes to you from Eldon Cowgur, as does all of Tangerine’s origin. Be sure and stop by Eldon’s envy-inducing webcomic Astray3 for more artistic brilliance.

Today sees the debut of Master Masticate and, like all of the new characters in Tangerin’s origin, he was entirely designed by Eldon. However…I want to particularly shout out the African Mask on the Master. Eldon went the extra mile and created an entire back story for Master Masticate, much of it involving that mask. I’d love to tell you all about it, but I hope to entice Eldon to come back one day and tell the story properly with me!  You never know.

(Huh. Master Masticate and Concubine Cannibals. Sounds like a 60′s rock n’ roll band on bizarro world.)


Steve was one of the first people I approached a few months back about filling in for T.L. Collins on SuperFogeys Origins during his current vacation. Steve really wanted to do it, but had to decline due to workload.

BUT…the power of the Fogeys wins again as last week he informed that he really wants to do it and cannot resist.  How pumped am I for this?  Well, just check out Steve’s great webcomic Moon Town and tell me your mouth doesn’t doesn’t just salivate with anticipation for what Steve might do with the Fogeys.

Once Steve was committed, we began the process of figuring out a story and what I found out was that the last thing Steve wanted to draw was sci-fi/space stuff.  Color me surprised because he’s obviously so good at it!  I don’t want to get into too many details, but I can at least give you this stellar teaser image from Steve tell you the subject of the origin:

Coming soon: The Origin of the Thrice Evil!



Okay, one more hint: Think Hellboy.

I’ve said too much!


You did it! I want to thank everyone for all of their help in making sure that Jackson Ferrell reviewed the RIGHT comic next, resulting in this awesome review of SuperFogeys Chapter 3.  Jackson is very complimentary, but also not afraid to take to me to task now and again.  Here’s hoping he catches up with the rest of us soon.  I don’t know about all of you, but I really feel like the best stuff is after Chapter 3.


Dang, quite the day for announcements. SuperFogeys #1 has been available in the app store for FREE in the app store for a few months now, but now you can pick up #2 for just 99 cents! For under a buck you’ll get all of Chapter 2, “Bingo Night” and the bonus story “Operation: Valhalla” featuring Spy Gal–previously only available in print.  It’s cheap. It’s on your iPod/iPod Touch.  It’s a no-brainer.  Get it here.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 219!