I HAVE BEATEN THE COMPUTER DEMON (with a little help from my friends)

So I’m finally back in business. Lost about 10% of my music, but none of my comic and work files. Thank goodness. Big thanks to the amazing IT crew, Johann and Jesse. I would have been in biiiiiig trouble without them.

The comic you see above just barely made it in on time. For a few days there I had resigned myself to having a late strip for only the second time in the SuperFogeys’ existence. Thankfully, that didn’t quite happen!

Lots of catching up to do and re-bookmarking and such. If you’ve sent a guest strip to me in the past week, I haven’t gotten it yet. Hoping to get access to my Th3rd World email soon, so please bear with me. I’ll hit ya back when I get it, no worries.



Check out the full details here (scroll down a bit). Deadline is Dec. 22nd.



Three, count ‘em THREE SuperFogeys updates. Check it:

Tuesday - Harvey the Science Rabbit, Part One page two lands and unhappinesss. Will. Reign.

Wednesday - Another Harvey page lands, and this one is super special. T.L. and I have something cooked up we’ve never done before, and I lend a hand on the inks to sweeten the deal.

Thursday - SuperFogeys 238 lands and it’s all about the teeth. See you then!


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