The SuperFogeys Adventure Game by Team Frog Studios -- Kicktraq Mini

Late this past Thursday I posted a special piece of art and an important message to go along with it called “A Call to Arms.” If you missed it, I encourage you to go check it out first before reading on here.

When I posted the Call to Arms, the Kickstarter campaign for the SuperFogeys Sourcebook and Adventure Game stood at $1,971 with 41 backers. That was after one week of activity. Now, just a few days later (remember, it was late Thursday that the post went live), as of this writing, the campaign has 76 backers and $3,433! Holy crud!

I asked you guys to show up–and you did! And you still are! We’re almost $500 past our goal and that amazes me. It means that there’s a lot of you out there that love SuperFogeys and are willing to do something to show it. I’m truly humbled by that. Thank you. On behalf of myself and Marc and Th3rd World and Team Frog, I thank you.

Of course, we still have a ways to go if we’re going to meet our stretch goals. If you’re like me, you desperately want a Spy Gal mini figure. And a Space Pig. And a Soviet Sam. And a Swifty. And…

There’s 16 days to go. Those of you that have already backed the project, we’re in this together now. Spread the word! More rewards, believe it or not, are coming! We’re looking into a special set of dice with Space Pig’s face on it right now. Don’t know that it will happen, but we’re exploring everything. Have an idea for a reward you’d like to see? Let us know!

One more thing: by far the most popular reward level is Storied Hero, a $50 level that gets you the printed Source/Gamebook, the Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket mini figures, your name in the book and the SuperFogeys Volume One Collection. This a limited level, with only 18 left. A lot of you have been asking how to get SuperFogeys Vol. 1 and if you don’t have one already, this is the ONLY way to get a copy. That number 18? That’s how many more Vol. 1 books are up for grabs, period. We won’t be reprinting them. Storied Hero is going fast, so if you’re thinking about jumping on it, I wouldn’t wait anymore.

So what do you do if you want a printed SuperFogeys collection after this Kickstarter is over? Hoping to have an answer on that soon. As I said on Thursday, a big part of this Kickstarter is establishing a demand for SF. Safe to say we’re getting there.

Okay, that’s it for today! You can look for updates on the blog from now on. Thank you all again. Hope you dig today’s strip. Lots of stuff coming together at once.