There wasn’t room in the flashback of this chapter to make it explicit that Dr. Rocket was responsible for the public turning against the Captain in the 70’s, so it was nice of Tangerine to make that point for us here.

Unfortunately, this strip and the next few are far too wordy. I had a lot of exposition to get through and too many ideas to make sure came across. It would have been better had I added a couple more strips to the end of this chapter to spread things out some more. I’ve done some editing for this print edition, but it’s still a bit crowded.

Clovis the Bear sees his brief return and exit on this page. Did he really talk? Was it a figment of Star Maiden’s imagination? We may never know…


Why do I do this to myself? For you, the people, that’s why.

SuperFogeys Book 3 Promo Video – With a special appearance by the real-life Dictator Tot

You can order your very own copy of book 3 by clicking on the “STORE” tab above today’s strip.

Last Day for Voting in the Webcomic Reader’s Choice Awards!

Big, big thanks to everyone who registered and voted in the WCRA’s so far!  SF has gotten as many as 20 votes in some categories.  Today is the last day, so if you’re so inclined please head over to the WCRA’s! After today, it’s all up the judges.  Winners announced on Sunday (I think!). Spotlights the SuperFogeys!

Today, spotlights the SuperFogeys.  It’s a nice write-up and Frumph, the man who runs the site and the WCRA’s, is a big SF supporter.  Thanks, man!

Clovis the Bear

Today marks Clovis’ exit from this chapter of the SuperFogeys.  Big thanks to Lucas Turnbloom, artist on the SuperFogeys Bonus Story “The Audition” (appearing in SF Book 4, collecting the chapter you’re reading right now), Editorial cartoonist, and creator of Imagine This for lending him out to me.  Clovis is a blast to both write and draw.

Will Clovis return?  Only time will tell…