In the first two panels we see that Swifty did indeed use the Space Pig Urine given to him by Dr. Rocket earlier in the chapter.

I wish I had chosen a different wall color for the background of this strip (and all those remaining in Chapter 5 for that matter). That brown is pretty ugly.


Thaaaaaaat’s right, it’s time for the 2nd (Not-So-Annual) SuperFogeys Trivia Contest! Don’t remember the first one? Don’t worry! No one does!

The Rules:

1. Answer the 20 SuperFogeys Trivia Questions (and one bonus question) to the best of your ability. (All answers can be found by reading the strips ONLINE–don’t worry, I’m not trying to trip you up by asking about stuff from the print-only bonus stories. However, the questions do have varying degree of difficulty. Some are super obvious. Some will require putting some pieces together, but I promise you the answers are all in the strips.)

2. Email your answers to me at with the subject line: SuperFogeys Trivia Contest 2

3. Answers due by 11:59pm Thursday, October 23rd.

The Winner:

1. Will be announced Tuesday, October 28th.

2. Will be the person who answers the most questions correctly. (In the event of a tie, winning names will be put into a hat and selected at random.)

The Prize:

A Brand spankin’ new SuperFogeys T-Shirt of your choice, now (or very soon to be) available in the SuperFogeys Store.

The Questions:

Of course, your big cheat sheet for these is at Feel free to just send me your answers, but please do number them:

1. What are Captain Spectacular, Spy Gal and Star Maiden’s first names?

2. Whose picture does Dr. Rocket have on the wall in his room?

3. Who shot Jerry?

4. Why can’t the doctors cure Swifty’s cancer?

5. Why did Captain Spectacular call off his original engagement to Spy Gal?

6. How many chest hairs does Jerry have?

7. Why is Tangerine called “Tangerine?”

8. At the start of Chapter 4, “Dictator Tot’s Revenge,” Jerry was crying. Why?

9. Who is the Third Man?

10. True or False: Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket were once friends BEFORE they came to Valhalla.

11. What is Captain Spectacular’s favorite kind of cookie?

12. When Star Maiden sees the other SuperFogeys, what does she see?

13. What is the name of the deity that the Space Pig worships?

14. What does Dictator Tot require before she’s willing to do ANYTHING?

15. Why did Star Maiden slap Swifty?

16. What is on Spy Gal’s left arm?

17. What was Captain Spectacular’s one condition in order to come to Valhalla?

18. Who is Bill?

19. True or False: The Third Man wants Captain Spectacular dead.

20. Who is your favorite SuperFogey?

And the super bonus question worth 2 points…Who is the Healer’s father?

Good Luck!

All SuperFogeys Orders Have Shipped!

Big thanks to all of you that placed an order for Book 3 or any of the other books. Very much appreciated and as of today all orders have shipped. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t worry. It’s coming very, very soon!

Next Week:

Tangerine’s motivation and the case for Dr. Rocket.