Dr. Rocket by Marc Lapierre

For One Year Later, we needed a Dr. Rocket that’s a little more dapper, and a little more fashionable, and a little more Zurida. He’s on Zurida’s team, he’s in a relationship with her, and the old look just wouldn’t do.

Dr. No, the first James Bond Villain

The Nehru jacket is a nod to villains past (Dr. No, for example) and I thought the color was a bold choice. Perhaps the most significant color is around Doc’s neck. Notice the ascot is purple? One of the things Marc and I have been trying to do for those in the USZ is show that Zurida’s influence has permeated the culture. For example, in the strip with the newscasters, both of them wore purple in some part of their outfit. For Dr. Rocket, it’s the ascot.

The cane was a nice touch from Marc. Doc is a little more frail now due to his cancer advancing, and the cane shows that off visually as a reminder. It’s a great touch and it gives Doc a distinctly different look–and a permanent change–for One Year Later.