ITEM! There will be no more SuperFogeys strips for a while.

ITEM! SuperFogeys will return at some point in 2015.

ITEM! SuperFogeys is moving to a seasonal schedule. Marc and I will keep working, but from now on we’re not going to post a chapter here until it’s complete. You’re gonna get chapters all at once, with each strip running daily until the chapter is done. At which point we will take another break and repeat the process until…

ITEM! SuperFogeys is ending. Not right away, not even next year, but soon. I’m plotting out the final chapters right now and soon I will be able to not only tell Marc how this story ends, but when and exactly how many chapters are left. Who’s ready for the endgame?

ITEM! SuperFogeys will be launching on Patreon before the next chapter starts. Patreon is a crowdfunding site that rewards creators of online content with micro payments whenever they post something. This does NOT mean SuperFogeys is going behind a pay wall. All it means is that for those of you who would like to support our efforts and want an easy way to do so, now you’ll be able to. It’s strictly voluntary.

ITEM! The 2015 teaser you see above is actually the cover to a little ashcan comic Marc and Th3rd World Studios will be selling at a low cost at conventions next year. Marc and I collaborated on the piece, with him doing pencils and colors, while I did the inks. Sharp eyes will notice Captain Spectacular looks a bit different than we’re used to.

ITEM! We love you guys. You make SuperFogeys worth it and we hope you’ll come back to us when we’re ready to show it off.

ITEM! Expect more updates on our progress towards Chapter 20 as we have them. One of the things Patreon is a great vehicle for is for showing off behind-the-scenes goodies and teases. Those who jump on board early will get glimpses at what’s to come in SF and, I’m sure, a whole lot more. It will be the kind of stuff I don’t usually share here on Should be fun for those of you who dig that sort of thing. (Example of something I’m thinking would be cool to share: the document I created that tells the full story of what happened during the missing year after Zurida conquered America–lots of juicy stuff in there, some of it that will never make it into any of the future chapters.)

ITEM! If you came here looking for the latest chapter of SuperFogeys so you can catch back up, you can read all of Chapter 19 – The Man Who Sold the World right now, starting right here.

ITEM! See you again soon!