Hey everybody, our Patreon has been up for about a week and a half now (you can see the video all about it right here: SuperFogeys Patreon Video (sorry, can’t embed)) and, true to my word, I’ve been posting to it like crazy. While we do have a $0.50 level in which you get our MIGHTY THANKS, but the real meat and potatoes of being one of our patrons starts at the $1.00 level which gives you full access to our Patreon-exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes blog. Here’s what anyone who has pledged at that level or above has seen so far:

4/24/15 – An detailed progress update on just exactly how far along Marc and I are in the creation of Chapter 20.

4/27/15 – A preview of the double-sized second strip of Chapter 20.

5/1/15 – The reveal of the title to Chapter 20 and a piece of excerpted dialogue that references and explains the title excplicitly.

5/2/15 – Rough sketch, full script, and explanation of the process that went into the creation of SF 623, “Kirbyesque.”

Even more coming this week, including another update on our progress. I can tell you that Marc is working at quite the clip right now. But how close are we, really? On the Patreon blog, I don’t hold back.

If you’d like to support SuperFogeys and join us, it takes practically no time at all. Sign up, choose how much you want to pledge per strip, and you’re done. I think the thing I love that most is that you can set a monthly maximum. Worried that we’re gonna be posting a lot when we come back from hiatus? Just cap your monthly pledge at an amount you’re comfortable with.

You can get all the details at the SuperFogeys Patreon page, and you can watch the video right here:

SuperFogeys Patreon Video