Holy stinking snot bunnies. We just hit 600 strips. 600 STRIPS! How did this happen? How is it even possible that SuperFogeys is still going strong almost 7 years after it first debuted?

I’ll tell you how: Marc Lapierre. Today marks the publication of Marc’s 300th SuperFogeys strip. Those of you with long memories will recall that I was the artist for the 300 strips. Marc took over with strip 301. That means Marc has now done just as many SF strips as I did and with his very next one he will surpass my count. Wow. SuperFogeys would literally not exist right now if it weren’t for Marc, and it sure wouldn’t be as good if it had somehow managed to continue.

During his time on the strip, Marc has grown by leaps and bounds artistically, and his popularity has risen right along with that growth. He gets regular commission work, but still manages to find the time to crank out two SF strips a week. That’s amazing. It’s a true labor of love for him, this much I know. He’s paid by your donations (as SF continues to be not a moneymaking venture) and I know he’s grateful for each and every cent you guys are able to give, but it’s the love of the medium that sustains him. I think. I mean, I’m well into the realm of conjecture here, but if you guys could see the back and forths we have you’d know that Marc cares deeply about comics as a medium, this story, and these characters. I think it shows. In spades.

I mean, look at that beautiful piece up there. Holy crud.

Thank you, Marc. I know I’ve already said it to you privately, but thank you for taking this journey with me. Here’s to finishing it together.

Special Announcement: All that work means Marc needs his rest, so for the next two weeks we’re taking some time off to gear up for Chapter 19, tentatively titled “The Man Who Sold the World.” We’ll see if that sticks. As you can tell by this strip, we’re about to go to a place that’s every bit as big as the One Year Later jump. We wanna do it right. 

In the meantime, I hope to get a few posts out there with some unseen sketch art and maybe some reflections on SF history. This is also a great time for fan art tributes, if you’ve got ‘em. Even guest strips. It’s been a long, strange trip so far. Who are you dying to draw?