I felt like, with two and half years behind me and being in the middle of a complicated (in comparison, anyway), back-and-forth chapter like this one that I needed to take a minute to acknowledge just what the heck was going on.

Spy Gal is admittedly making some leaps in logic here, but it’s hopefully understood by now that her own experiences are informing her conclusions. She’s a spy, and she recognizes spy craft when she sees it. Dr. Klein being so brazen as to admit to everything in the final panels was a choice that took me by surprise, but it seemed to fit and provided good punch.  Really, there’s nothing Spy Gal can do as long as she has that power dampener.

The black gutters between the panels were an aesthetic choice made purely on a whim.  Still like it though.


Hey, hey!  Welcome to day 2 of the new pre-launch extravaganza! The site has whole new look and every day this week features new SF material, as well as highlighting one of the new features of this amazing site that Th3rd World (with a bit of input and some artwork from me) put together.

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Also, whenever a chapter of SF is completed, I plan to go back into the comments for each strip in that chapter and add an additional Director’s-type commentary.  In fact, I’ve already gone back and done so for every strip in the first four chapters. See what I did there? Now you’ve got a reason to go back and read ‘em all again.  Enjoy.

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Dr. Klein

Today’s strip is an important one, as I’m sure you’ve guessed.  Dr. Klein is an important figure in the SuperFogeys saga and I hope you enjoy this little bit of breaking down the current storyline.  The funny will resume shortly.


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