Tangerine’s body design presents some unique challenges. He doesn’t really have elbows (the way I draw him anyway) and he’s so much shorter than everybody else that whenever he appears it requires some rethinking of how I usually frame the characters in the panel.
I thought long and hard about the use of the word “cripple” in the last panel. Up until now, only Swifty has referred to himself that way. Ultimately I decided that it was okay if Tangerine called him that because, well, he would.

New SuperFogeys Website

Welcome everyone to your preview of the new site!  Th3rd World’s website is about to relaunch in a major way, but SuperFogeys readers get this special preview.  Site’s not finished yet, url isn’t permanent, but THIS IS IT.

I’ll go into more detail when the official launch happens, but for now please poke around and enjoy the site.  There’s lots to see and do, from character profiles to commenting on the latest strip.

In fact, that’s the thing I’m most excited about.  Finally, I have a way to talk to all of you and you to me.  If you’ve just found SF or been reading for a while, I hope you’ll drop a quick hello at least.  I literally have no idea who is out there and I look forward to finding out.

Don’t forget to register and check out the great new comics list site, No, I have nothing to do with the site other than having my comic registered there. I promote it because it’s an excellent site and Frumph is way on top of things, improving the site on a daily basis.

Plus, right now Frumph is also accepting nominations for the WCRA’s (Webcomic Reader’s Choice Awards) at this sister site. Currently, the SuperFogeys have two nods (in art and writing categories), but I’m not ashamed to admit that I hope that Dr. Rocket can get a second chance in the “Best Antagonist” category before this thing is through.

If DR wasn’t being such a great guy lately, I’m sure he would have found some way to torch the Drunk Duck offices after his devastating loss in this year’s DD awards. We don’t dare tempt him twice! Right? Right?

Next Week:

If the site launch does happen next week like I hope it does, you can look forward to 5 updates as I preview “Cellmates,” the 11-page story Chip Skelton drew up for me for the book! Either way, you’re still getting this:

Dr. Klein’s got some splainin’ to do and Tangerine explains how he got his name (hint: it does not involve reading X-Men and thinking up rhymes. No, that’s how I thought of his name.)